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Our Team. Our Future. The Canton Story.

In 2003, Nissan took a chance on the state of Mississippi. When other manufacturers were passing over the state, Nissan saw the tremendous opportunity its people had to offer and changed the community forever when it decided to build its newest U.S. plant right here in Canton.

Nissan also saw an opportunity to change an entire economy, vaulting the state into status as the home for world-class automotive manufacturing with thousands of jobs for our Mississippi neighbors.
Photo of the Nissan Plant Interior
But Nissan could not — and did not — achieve this accomplishment on its own.

It’s the people of Mississippi — hardworking, dedicated and driven individuals — that took a chance, too, and turned an open field outside of Canton into one of the most advanced automotive manufacturing facilities in the world.

Now, almost 15 years later, that decision has paid off with big dividends – for Nissan and Mississippi. Not only is Canton producing some of Nissan’s best-selling vehicles, we’re doing it in the company’s most important market.

We’ve accomplished this together as a team, as a community and as a family.

Nissan is on the rise, and Canton is integral to that success. It’s important that we sustain this success, which means investing in

Our team and our future.

Nissan employees have some of the most valued, competitive jobs in the entire state, and we want to continue working directly with our team members to ensure their voices are heard.

In our schools, we’re making sure that Mississippi’s future workforce — our children — are getting the education and skills they need in STEM to power the state’s economy for decades to come.
Nissan Employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
In our neighborhoods, we’re working with local groups such as Habitat for Humanity to make our communities a better, more beautiful place to live.
We want to continue contributing towards Mississippi’s future, and we want to keep it doing it with you.

Please use your voice on August 3 & 4 in this election. It’s too important to let someone else speak for you.